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Maybe my voice does not fit your current project this time around, but I encourage you to download my demos to have on file for future consideration.  Each mp3 file is embedded with my name and contact information for your convenience!


Commercial   -   Promo  -  Narration  -  Documentary  -  Explainer

I am a professional Voice-Over talent that has  done a variety of Commercial, Narration, IVR & Character Acting, so there is always something I could bring to your next production.  I can quickly record and send you high quality voice-over audio tracks over the Internet without breaking your production budget!  Usually within 24 HOURS!

I specialize in instructional and training narration, explainer videos, as well as IVR systems, and I have done work for the following companies and organizations:

Contact me for a quote for your next project today!  You do not pay until you are 100% satisfied with the end  product!

This is a collection of audio I have accumulated over the years. Some of it would be considered demo versions, while others are the finished products. Either way, I would easily say that audio is my first love, and it is my love for audio that has lead me in the various other directions I have explored over the years and is something I am very passionate about.  I love to write and record music as well design audio for film.

This is a theme I wrote for an independent movie that was filmed here in Las Vegas called "The Blackest Days". This theme is called "Red Sun Over Black Sky". I think this is my favorite theme I did for this movie. It was my first time recording with an Ebow, but when I laid down the initial chords, and then after a few practice runs, it just seemed like it was meant to happen! This theme was used in the movie at the point where Isaac Gaines was betrayed by Dominic Snow and spills his guts as to how he really felt about his former boss. Snow ultimately shots Gaines in the head and then sets his body on fire then walks away... What a way to go!

This is a theme I wrote for an independent movie that was filmed here in Las Vegas called "The Blackest Days". This theme is called "Confrontation With Hell", and it is used in the movie at the point where Isaac Gaines, after being dispatched from hell and settling the score with other enemies, has his final dealing with Dominic Snow, his killer. Snow killed Gaines to take control of the 64 Soldiers. Obviously, Snow wasn't expecting this one!

This is a theme I wrote for an independent movie that was filmed here in Las Vegas called "The Blackest Days". This theme is called "Neutral Chaos". It is used in two portions of the film... one time as the character Lily Frost makes her first appearance in the film, and then later for what has been called "The Gunslinger" scene.

This is a theme I wrote for an independent movie that was filmed here in Las Vegas called "The Blackest Days". This theme is called "Romero Agrees". Romero was caught stealing from the crime organization he worked for by Reeses, who ran the business front of the organization. But instead of being brought to the feet of the mob boss, Korea Black, Romero was offered an opportunity he couldn't refuse... to testify against Black to get him out of the way so that nothing could stop Reese, and what he had planned for the organization.

These are a collection of videos that either I have made or feature me or a mix of both!  Enjoy!


I host a Youtube channel. It has videos on it. Now, my main goal with this channel is to cover some of my favorite songs that I grew up listening to as a kid, as well as newer songs today that I dig.  The difference is... I do them differently.  I hope you like them too!

Through the years I have picked up the ability to create websites. At first it started out as a hobby, or something I would do for friends. But I got to the point where I started to get clients asking me if I would build them a site. They would then ask me to send them a list of sites I have done for others.  Now, when I was less organized, I would have to quickly remember all the sites I've done, how many of them are

still active, and email the links to the client. So I decided to put them all on one page on my site so I can always direct people here and not have to scramble around to get them that info.


Now, I'll be the first to say that I am NOT a developer. I'm not the guy who will write the code for the next great social networking site, or anything involved like that. That is someone else who is a whole lot more expensive than me. I design information sites with audio or video embedded in it, or lead generating sites with forms to gather information from potential clients. I will quickly tell you if what you want is beyond my pay-grade.

Beacon Southwest Construction Management & General Contracting

This site was for a construction management company based out of Las Vegas, NV. They asked for a flash photo gallery with pictures of their choice projects on every page with a page dedicated to a larger collection of pictures detailing their wide variety of work they have done. They also required FTP login capability for clients to upload blueprints to them. To visit the site, CLICK HERE.

Abu's Foundation for the Children of Africa

This site was for a charity organization based out of Las Vegas, NV that funds an orphanage in Africa's Ivory Coast. They asked for a simple four page site to post pictures and to tell their story about their goals with what people are able to give.   They also wanted to have a French version of the site, so that each page has two versions.  They also wanted a Paypal link to accept donations.  I also designed the logo.   To visit the site, CLICK HERE.

I apologize for the slim selection of examples of my work.  It seems most of the other sites I have made are no longer on line.  If it's any consolation, THIS site ( would also serve as an example of my work as well!

I would love to be a part of your next audio/video project!  Please contact me either by the contact form below, or you can call me at 702.677.2603

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Youtube Drummers...

There are a lot of drummers on the internet and especially on Youtube... and I'm not one of them! That why I am looking for accomplished drummers on Youtube to collaborate with on my covers channel. If you are here, you might be a drummer. If you are a drummer, that's great, but its not enough... there are a couple more things that you will need so that we can work together...

  1. A drum set (DAUHH!!)
  2. The ability to record your drums (for acoustic drums, preferably with a minimum combination of some overheads, a snare and a kick mic. Separate tracks preferred, but not necessary. If with an electric kit, then just the stereo out of the kit will do just fine. ALL AUDIO NEEDS TO BE DRY. PLEASE ADD NO EFFECTS TO THE AUDIO...thanks!)
  3. The ability to video record yourself playing drums (my goal with the final video product is to have a resolution of 1280x720, so if you can at least keep your footage at that quality, then it would be great. Any larger and I will simply down grade down to 720 anyways!. The audio does not have to be on the video. If you have to record the audio on a separate device than your video camera, that is fine. Just send me both audio and video separately. Additionally, it is also NOT REQUIRED that you have to play your drum track all in one take. If you have to get your takes done in sections, that is fine. I can just piece them together on my end. I know some youtubers would frown on that, but I'm more concerned about the song and the video, than I am about needing to prove how good of a guitarist or drummer we are!)
  4. The ability to play to a click track (when I start a project, most of the time the songs I want to cover do not stay in sync with a click track (they didn't record it with a click!). I need the drums tracks I am working with to be a constant tempo for me to work with them (I use MIDI in all of my songs), so I will record for you what I call... a "junk track". It is a basically a stripped down version of the song without words and without drums... Just a guitar, a bass, and a click track. This allows you to keep aware of where you are in the song while playing and recording.


That is it as far as what you will need to have. Most Youtube drummers have at least 3 out of 4 down, but the 4th requirement is vital too.

Here is a list of songs I am looking to do in the near future. If one of these songs are in your ability range, then hit me up:


  • Metallica- "Orion" & "To Live is to Die"
  • Soundgarden- "Dusty", "Outshined" & "Searching with my good eye closed"
  • Suicidal Tendencies- "War Inside My Head"
  • The Panic Channel- "Outsider" & "Listen"
  • Dave Mathews Band- "Down Drink The Water"
  • Alice In Chains- "Sunshine", "I Stay Away", "Sea of Sorrow", "Rain When I Die" & "Don't Follow" (obviously a HUGE AIC fan!)
  • Mad Season- "River of Deceit"
  • Blue man Group- "The Current"
  • Black Sabbath- "After Forever" & "Tomorrows Dreams"
  • Led Zepplin- "Thank you" & "When the Levy Breaks"
  • Iron Maiden- "Power slave" & "Wasted Years"



The last piece of the puzzle is MONEY

Now, I'm sure most of you would want to do something fun and creative with your drumming simply because you love music as I do. But getting paid to do what you love isn't a horrible thing either!! This is what I'm proposing... I will be selling digital downloads of these covers on various sites like iTunes, Amazon MP3, Rhapsody, etc for $.99 per download. Out of that, I will be paying a mechanical royalty fee to the publisher (between $.10-.15 depending on the length of the song). I will be offering drummers $.20 per download of any track that I use their drumming on my cover tracks.

That can add up, especially if you do multiple songs with me.   One thing I have noticed since we entered into this time of economic hardship, is that people are still willing to pay for entertainment. We can offer something that brings enjoyment to people, and also help our own situations as well.


If you don't see a song you would be interested in doing on my list but you have your own idea and would like to work together, then drop me a line! If it's cool and it's within my ability... LET'S DO IT!!

702-677-2603 | c(at)calanrobinson(dot)com


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